Our Land

The territory is that of the Plain of Chilivani, where the healthy environment blends with the culture and industriousness of its people.
The agricultural economy of the area, which has always been based on livestock breeding, grassland farming and cereal growing, stands out today due to the high genealogical quality of the animals raised and the quality of the resulting products.
The small town is home to fairs and festivals, where numerous visitors can appreciate the hospitality of the local people and enjoy typical gastronomic preparations.
The centre also offers artisan products of particular value, always appreciated on the occasion of exhibitions and country festivals.

The places

The countryside hosts many agro-zootechnical companies and fodder grain companies.
The company base extends over the rolling plain area surrounding the Rio Mannu river, one of the emissaries of Lake Coghinas in the province of Sassari.
The soils are of alluvial origin, enhanced by interventions carried out over the years in order to accommodate the company facilities and permit open-field vegetable cultivation.
The climate is favourable for cultivation but has some peculiarities due in large part to daily temperature changes in certain periods of the year.

The strategy

After the settlement phase, production strategies were implemented to identify the most suitable crops for the soil and climate of the place:
aubergine, courgette, bell pepper, watermelon, melon, rocket, spinach, oyster mushroom, saffron, lettuce, and aromatic and medicinal herbs.

The Agrisun project became a reality when all the production factors reached the right level of efficiency.



100% local products

Use of certified raw materials, from seeds to young seedlings, organic fertilisers to supplement mineral nutrients and the choice of the most suitable cultivars for our agrosystem.


Our production idea integrated with the territory continues.

Work with us.

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